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Hana Zen Pier 39

Pier 39, M209 (Beach & Embarcadero)

San Francisco, CA 94133

Tel: 415.421.8822


11:30:00 AM   -

04:30:00 PM


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04:30:00 PM


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10:30:00 PM


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Pier 39 Union Square
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Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

If you want to have a full-blown Lunch meal that big on appetite but affordable, try our hana Zen’s Lunch Menu. You can choose from our Lunch Specials, our special hana Zen Bento Box (both served with Miso Soup and Rice),  our fresh and sumptous Sushi/Sashimi Set ( Sashimi Set served with Miso Soup and Rice), to our wide variety of  Donburi, Noodle  and Sushi Nigiri. The best meal for a single diner! Lunch Menu is served seven times a week, from 11:00 am up to 4:00 pm.

APPETIZERS separator 23 SALAD separator 24 SIDE SALAD TRAD. APPETIZERS separator 21 KID'S BENTO BOX separator 24 DONBURI SUSHI/SASHIMI SET separator 21 NOODLES separator 22 CRAB BENTO BOX separator 23 HOT LAVA ROCK separator 24 KATSU SUSHI NIGIRI separator 21 SUSHI ROLLS separator 24 SPECIALTY ROLLS